Why Epump

The Biggest Problem Facing the downstream sector of the oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria is Integrity

E-PUMP Monitors product movement ensuring volume integrity from depot to truck to filling station tank to pump nozzles

With E-PUMP you can monitor and manage the operations of your filling station wherever you are withing or outside nigeria

E-PUMP allow for effective stock management and account reconcilation



Drives more sales

E-pump demostrates integrity of your station to customers. Hence more customers would choose your station over the competition

Accurate Accounting

E-pump helps to effortlessly present daily transaction data of products dispensed from tank and current tank levels

Reporting & analytics

Data from E-pump can be displayed in graphical or chart-like format to aid decisions and business inteligence

Increased Efficiency

E-pump is fully automated, Hence no business hours is lost to the usual manual processes

Increased Profitability

E-pump reduces product waste through pilfering and leakage which increases profitability

Enhances Safety

E-pump monitors various physical properties associated with your tanks e.g temprature , pressure e.t.c to enhance safety



Complete contol over every equipment on the filling station


Remote monitoring of business activities via any computer or portable devices


Every equipment would be online and real time


Remote Archiving/Back up of business data to prevent loss

Customer Centric

Customers and Customer Transactions management.Get to know your regular custormers

Report Generation

Sales, Operational, Financial e.t.c reports in P.D.F.Graphs,Word e.t.c for business intelligence

Business Management

Manage your entire business effectively and efficiently


Cashless Payment methods via vouchers and electronic cards

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