Why Epump

Because getting value for money at filling stations has increasingly become difficult

Filling Stations with E-pump have a customer first mentality. with these stations you will always get value for your money

With the invoicing feature on E-PUMP, For every of your purchases you will get a receipt enhancing transparency of stations

With E-pump you can properly budget as every amount spent on fuel would be accounted for

E-pump offers you three options for fueling

E-pump Voucher

This is a series of numbers that are converted into value directly by the dispensing pump. This means the attendant can no longer use any trick to rip you off your money.

E-pump Card

Like the Voucher, E-pump card is also processed directly by the pump, the pump is authorized to dispense exactly the amount pre-determined by you.

E-pump Direct to Car (DTC)

DTC fueling is a contract between your car & the pumps of our partnering stations. This ensures the fuel is dispensed directly to your car, keeping your budget safe from pilfering.

All three fueling options gives you notification, issue POS style receipt, and allows you query your transactions from our portal.




Complete contol over your fuel consumption and expenditures


POS style receipt to enhance transparency between you and stations


Cashless Payment methods via vouchers and electronic cards

Report Genration

E-PUMP cloud accessed via any device would give you access to your vehicles consumption & expenditures which would improve accountability