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E-pump is a product of Fuelmetrics Limited, a leading automation and solution development company located in Lagos, Nigeria. The company was born out of a need to fill the gap in the provision of top-notch automation and software solution, particularly in the downstream oil and gas sector. Our aim is to provide end to end solutions to the challenges of downstream sector oil & gas industry in Nigeria. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific needs of the oil and gas industry, providing solutions to the biggest without sacrificing flexibility to accommodate smaller clients. We go the extra miles to bring satisfaction to our clients irrespective of size or demography.

E-pump Station Automation

Our E-pump automation solution is a real-time inventory management system for filling stations with the intent of significantly improving daily operation and management of filling stations across the country cum Africa, offering advanced yet uncomplicated solution that supports the entire processes for the full automation of filling station operations, self-service, e-fuelling and lots more. It is a two-tier solution package serving as a back-office and cloud based tool for managing and monitoring the spectrum of operations of a single or fleet of filling station(s). As a back-office tool, it allows real-time automated control and monitoring over various forecourt components of the filling station such as; fuel dispensers, fuel tanks, cash receipts, vehicle identification system, and so on. As a head-office tool, e-pump provides complete business reporting and intelligence system for monitoring sales, inventory, stock orders, customers, and staff for business decision making.


Our e-fuelling platform offers fleet managers and individual customers the access to make fuel purchase via our online platform and claim the equivalent value at any E-pump enabled station. The platform offers various alternatives to cash (Voucher, Fuel card, and DTC). Using our e-fuelling platform avails customers the opportunity to get real-time notifications on fuel transactions and also access to digital invoice to help analyze fuel buying pattern. The E-pump payment and receipt terminal deployed at filling stations is an innovative add-on to the fuel dispense pump, designed to issue sales receipt automatically after every pump transaction, and it has real-time automated control over the fuel dispense pump, hence, it does not rely on any manual input before issuing receipts.

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